The company which has promoted and supported this project is MARCIRY S.A., incorporated in 1992 with the objective of developing a business complex of high standing in our country.

The vast experience of the professionals who lead Marciry S.A. and the great dedication they have shown to the development of the area for over fifteen years guarantee the most reliable and qualified administration and execution of this project. The Board of Directors of Marciry S.A. is composed of Cr. Carlos A. Lecueder, Chairman, Arq. Ernesto Kimelman, Vice-chairman, Arq. Ruben David Flom and Ec. Thomas Kossmann, Directors.


Cr. Carlos A. Lecueder is the principal partner of Estudio Luis E. Lecueder, a firm of professionals which has specialized in the development and administration of real estate and commercial projects.

Estudio Luis E. Lecueder administers Nuevocentro Shopping, Montevideo Shopping, Portones Shopping and Tres Cruces Shopping & Bus Terminal in Montevideo, as well as Salto Shopping & Bus Terminal, Mercedes Shopping & Bus Terminal and Colonia Shopping in the country.

The firm also provides advisory services to shopping centers located in foreign countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia. Therefore, they have vast experience in the development and administration of commercial and service complexes.

The firm was also a team member of the developer for World Trade Center Montevideo Complex and joined SAFEMA, a corporation dedicated to the study and development of real estate business projects in Montevideo and Punta del Este, having constructed over 30 buildings in the 70’s and 80’s.


Arq. Ernesto Kimelman plans, manages and administers urban intervention projects, renovation and new architecture, with particular emphasis on the development of commercial and residential buildings of high standing both in Uruguay and in Spain. Some of the building projects where he participated are World Trade Center Montevideo, Torres Náuticas and Torre Caelus – both residential projects in the same area.

Together with his professional activities as an architect, Kimelman is largely engaged into building-related business activities. He has participated in the management of several companies that have developed the execution of more than 100,000 m2 of new architecture and 6,000 m2 of renovation works.

He was the co-author of the Urban Development Plan, drawn up in 1993, and of the Detailed Urban Project, of 2003, both for the area where World Trade Center Montevideo and WTC Montevideo Free Zone are located.


Throughout his vast career as an architect, he has participated in a multitude of urban planning and architectural projects, focused on the renovation of the Old City of Montevideo and the private development of residential, commercial and office buildings.

Since 1993, he has promoted and conducted the Urban Development Plans for the area where World Trade Center Montevideo and WTC Montevideo Free Zone are located.

He is one of the managing directors of World Trade Center Montevideo project and has co-managed the planning and direction of the works in their various phases. In parallel with his professional activity, he has conducted a significant number of business activities, promoting and executing several real estate developments in new and recycling projects.


Ec. Kossman is one of the directors of Marciry S.A., the company which promoted and developed World Trade Center Montevideo Complex, and of Reko S.A., a trading company.

He is also a partner of Prosperitas Capital Partners, the first Venture Capital Fund administrators in Uruguay, who invest directly in private expanding companies and play an active role in their management.


World Trade Centers Association is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1970. It currently groups 328 international business centers located in the main cities of almost 92 countries in 5 continents.

One million companies are affiliated to and connected through this association.



World Trade Centers Association aims at promoting business among its members and fostering international trade, business and investments. It also supports the development of tourism, corporate training, cultural exchange and the participation of developing countries in international trade and in the new technologies of the modern world.
World Trade Center Montevideo offers all the services related to international trade and business in one place and facilitates full and continuous visibility and access to the association, to all the services it offers and to its members, whether they are organizations or individuals. The complex has been a member of World Trade Centers Association since 1992.