World Trade Center Montevideo has its own cultural calendar, which includes exhibitions by renowned visual artists, sculptors and photographers. Music and art compose our proposal for the diffusion of culture within the business center and in the community.



In line with the innovative spirit of World Trade Center Montevideo, Concurso de Esculturas World Trade Center Montevideo (sculpture contest), a project registered with Fondos de Incentivo Cultural, has been held three times. The winning works are displayed at Paseo de las Esculturas within Plaza de las Torres and outside WTC 4.

The first open call was made at international level (2008 – 2009), the second one was made at national level in mid-2010 and the third one between 2011 and 2014. A number of artists from Montevideo and from the rest of the country entered the contest. The jury selected eight works during the first edition, nine for the second and thirteen for the third edition. The latter will be on exhibit at Plaza de las Torres and WTC 4 until the fourth edition of Concurso de Esculturas World Trade Center Montevideo.